Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love Notes

I must admit that I've not been as good at leaving love notes for my guy as I was when our relationship was newer. It doesn't take long, and such a simple gesture can make the recipient feel so loved & cared for.

Yesterday afternoon when I thought for a minute about how I missed Dylan (which I do at least once every single work day), I put together a little note for him & taped it to our bedroom door. A few sweet thoughts for my forever boyfriend.

When thinking about this post, I thought that perhaps Sadie is old enough to start receiving love notes from me as well. I remembered that my mom would write notes to us on the napkins that she packed in with our school lunches. I will never forget dumping my lunch out of the brown paper bag & finding a note from my mom...a silly little poem she made up about my stinky feet in her handwriting on my napkin...and in a sea of noisy elementary school kids I felt so very special & so very loved.

Today I dropped a tearful Sadie off at school. She was not getting along with her little class friend that we babysit on Thursday mornings. I pulled her close to me & told her that everybody likes her & she doesn't have to worry about that....but I know she does. She has recently become very concerned with knowing that she is loved & liked. Even with us...she mistakes punishment for bad behavior as us telling her that we don't love her. And we of course never want her to believe that, so we have to shower her with affection until she feels better. It breaks my heart.

Unfortunately I understand this sensitivity all too well. Here I am an adult that still struggles with the same insecurities. I often worry about what others are thinking of me & most of the time I'm convinced that I in fact know what they are thinking about me & of course it's always negative. It's crazy, I know. It can really bring a person down & it holds me back in so many ways.

So perhaps a few surprise love notes in addition to all the other ways that we communicate love to her will help my Sadie girl along this road.


iva yaneva said...

Oh my, your memory is precious! It really made my heart melt :)
Kids can sometimes be very mean, it is so hard to be a child nowadays. It is sad really. I have a 7-year-old niece and a couple of months ago I found out her best friends in school were making fun of her, and sending her mean notes. It really broke my heart, because she is such a special child - always an excellent student and so friendly and kind with everyone.
Showing our love to the ones that are closest to us is really a wonderful thing! It is great that you try to do it and I am sure the people around you feel very loved :)

African Kelli said...

Oh my, I just love this post. Thank you! I adore surprise love notes. Seriously, truly LOVE them. And I think part of the reason I take so much time to send them is that I love to receive them even more.
Great, great post.

the fellers said...

you are such a cute mom and wife. I need to be better in the love not department. I think that is just what Sadie needs!

Reece's said...

Candace, I was just thinking the same thing yesterday as i left my hubby a cute love note. I remember growing up that my brother and I would always find love notes from my parents on the kitchen counter. Its something they have always done, and is prob one of the reasons they are so great! I strive to do the same w/my hubby! I agree they make you feel special and think we should all do it more!

Amber said...

I wrote Tanner a note on his napkin one day. And when he came home from school I asked him found it in his lunch and then he pulled it out of his pocket! He saved it. I love him!

Chantelle said...

Love notes are the BEST! Hubby used to leave them on my car in the shopping centre. I give them to this kids in their lunch boxes.

I love it. x

alexandra said...

sending happy, loving thoughts to you all!

chanel said...

i just left ry one the other day, he's much better about it than me & i love it, it felt good surprising him.

i give jules one every now & then, i hope they mean something to her.

sweet sadie. shes so precious. you're the perfect mom for her!

jennifer said...

dear candace,
wonderful post i relate to all too well.
glad to call you my friend :)

p.s. i have a spare sewing machine if you develop withdrawl symptoms.

busbyhive said...

It's great to see what you're up to now. I can see your keeping so busy. When did Sadie grow up? We'd love to see you again one of these days! Coming to Rexburg anytime soon?

Kathlyn said...

What a sweet idea :)

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