Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Sleeping Shorts

Last year Dylan cut off a pair of his pajama pants to make shorts. Sadie called them sleeping shorts. We thought it sounded funny & kept referring to them as "sleeping shorts". It has since become our common term for pajama shorts.

I've been working on finding just the right pattern for some summer sleeping shorts for Sadie. This is the first pair I made. Using vintage sheeting I cut this pair out using a pair of pj pants that I made her last year. I added some width & length to them because she's bigger this year, right? Well, no. She's growing taller for sure but that waist of hers is pretty much staying the same size. So these ended up humongous. But the 4 year old thinks that they are wonderful & so they're getting some use. Plus they are roomy & that means they're comfy for her.

The next go at it I used a vintage pillowcase & the Simplicity 4206 pattern. I liked them but they seemed just a bit too short. Looking back they seem like just the right length.

But I made another pair but added some length. Now these ones seem way too long. Although they will be able to fit her this summer & next. So that's a plus.

The second pair seems to be the winner at this point. I have two more pairs cut out & I'm sure I'll do a little more tinkering. In the end they are all going into the jammie drawer & are ready for use on warm nights. Another plus is that they cost next to nothing to make. I'm using fabrics from my stash & elastic that I bought at Joann's for .25 cents a yard (50% off). Heads up...the notions wall at Joann's will be 50% off again for their Memorial Day sale. It's a great time to stock up on stuff like elastic. I got 10 yards for $2.50.


chanel said...

really awesome!!!

shellie said...

Those are so cute! I wish I had the drive to learn how to sew!

Nicole said...

These are adorable! thanks for the idea , my girls will love them! Also thanks for the heads up for the Joanne's sale :O)

Sarah said...

Cute pants! A great way to use up some of that too thin to not have to be lined (for day) but too cute to pass on fabric.

Jeannine said...

I am in total agreement with your daughter. I like the first pair. They look great, and the fit looks fine. Great idea.

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