Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 Things

* I have officially declared the new Phoenix album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix our album for this summer. It is perfect & fun & I love it with all my heart. Go listen.

* We are participating in our local CSA program. I feel strongly about it in so many ways. I am happy to be bringing fresh, local produce home every week. I am excited to be getting new vegetables that we've never had before to try for the first time. I am happy to be supporting local farms.

* Claire has been having some issues starting with constipation & now stomach cramping. We are trying a no dairy diet to see if this improves things. I am keeping notes daily & hope to see improvements over a couple weeks.

* I'm a bit down. I need a pick me up. Anybody want to deposit some money in my bank account, or pay off my credit cards, or buy me plane tickets to take my kids home to visit my family, or magically plant a baby boy in my belly? I should be happy. I am blessed in so many ways. And I will quit feeling these poor pitiful me feelings...soon...hopefully. :)

* I am super excited about a new product coming to the shop very soon. It's a new print. This time designed by me! We are getting ready to test the printing. If all works out well it should be in the shop in a few days. Yay!


Holly C. said...


Sorry you are feeling down.

I ordered 2 of your La la love you prints and I la la love them!

I've enjoyed reading your blog very much.☺☺☺

Lori said...

so cool u got in on your CSA. I was gonna do it but I realized i can grow a garden right on my porch so I will see how that goes first. we are gonna do it in the fall.

kirsten said...

thanks for PHoenix - i think we have very similar music taste! and this is way summery, too. off to find more!

and hey, take a tip from my bento box and say 'I wish it is a good day today'

which i'm repeating to myself as it just started raining - AGAIN. at least there's thunder, i guess.

Erin L said...

wish I was lived closer so we could give our kids a play date and chat.

Melissa Everett said...

I love you! comment number 4 made me tear up!

Melissa Everett said...

not comment... I meant just number 4 on your list! Ha!

Michelle said...

I hope you get a baby boy soon too!!!

A CSA sounds fun. Wish we had one around here. Who knows, maybe we do. I should check.

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