Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Meatless - Pierogies

For years before we even had kids...Dylan & I have been trying to make a conscious effort to eat less meat. We try. Sometimes we do great & sometimes it's just easier for us to revert back to what we know best. What we were raised on. What is comfortable to us & easy.

Recently Dylan & I talked about our efforts with this issue again. We decided that we need to eat WAY less. That even in being aware of it & trying we are still consuming too much meat. We have many reasons for wanting to do this. For our health, for our religion & for the environment. I will be sharing some of the recipes that we find work for us & our family & hope that it helps any of you out there that are aiming for the same goal. Also, if you have any super fabulous family friendly meatless recipes, I'd love to see them.

Last week I made these Pierogies. Oh my goodness. They are so creamy & so yummy. I used frozen Potato & Onion Pierogies from Aldi. They are $1.79/lb.

garlic scapes
shredded cheese
taco sauce
sour cream

Saute the frozen pierogies in a little butter along with chopped vegetables until golden brown. I used garlic scapes, zucchini & kale from our local CSA delivery.

We mixed some taco sauce & salsa to top these with along with shredded cheese, sour cream & guacamole.

Yummy, yummy, yummy. Let me know it you try them.


Dylan said...

Okay, now I want some more of these perogies.

Lori said...

What a cute comment from Dylan!! I am also trying te serve more meatless meals. My DH has the most trouble with it. Its hard to let go when you were raised on meat with every meal. I love this cuban blackbeans recipe from Real Simple. Its an easy recipe and a regular around here. We often dont have the rice but stuff the beans in pitas instead.

liz said...

oh my goodness, those look delicious.
here's a few of my favorite meat-free dishes:

chanel said...

dang looks wonderful!
i can't go meatless AND dairyless! the dairy is driving me nuts! no butter, no cheese! what is left??? lots and lots of bacon- dylan.

i'd give up meat to have dairy i'll tell you that right now! oh man this looks heavenly.

keep sharing- the dairy will be back in my diet sooon. i honestly think bay might have a wheat allergy, cause the dairyless doesn't seem to be helping.

jessi said...

Good for you! Ryan and I go meatless a couple times a week, but should probably up our efforts too.

cbhoff said...

I thought of you the other night... I had a REALLY dirty George Foreman after I got done with dinner and I looked at the paper towels before cleaning it. I thought, "I am about to use like half a roll cleaning this thing. That's such a waste. Candace has eliminated paper towels and I can't imagine how she would clean this mess." I walked over and grabbed 2. I was determined to only use two no matter what. And it worked! I used one to get the thing mostly cleaned along with our dish brush and rinsed that one out about 5 times. Then I used the second one to get the rest off and dry it. I felt SO good about only using 2 because that would have normally taken about 10. I'm grateful for your ideas of doing things better for the planet and ourselves. I don't think I could ever give up paper towels but I can def. use less!

Candace said...

Chanel - I know what you mean about dairy. we did it for a few weeks w/ Claire. I sprayed pam on my pan to make eggs one morning & they still totally stuck & didn't taste as good as they do w/ butter. Claire is not responding to the no dairy diet either....wondering if it's gluten for her too. I'm going to ask my dr. to give her the blood test so we can find out for sure.

Christina - way to go!!! that makes me so excited about the paper towels. Nobody is perfect when it comes to these things, but it's the little steps that make a difference. we're all in it together, right? big pat on the back for you. :)

The Pfau's said...

This looks so good! I love vegitarian recipes. I am looking forward to more recipe's from you. I will let you know how my family likes this one after we try it and I will see if we have any good recipes for you.

Holly C. said...

I love pierogies. I might have to try this.

Donna said...

We love this recipe from 101 cookbooks. The only change i make is to squeeze te juice of a lime on the brussels sprouts when they're off the heat, right before tossing the tofu back in.

Lots of great options on that site, actually!

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