Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Tunes

My husband is cute. He really likes making mixtapes. He actually makes one every month & posts it on his blog for download. His most current mix is Warm Soundz. It's cool. Perfect for summer. Download it here. It starts off with this really great song by the Dirty Projectors w/ David Byrne. Sadie has been singing this around the house a lot. She even tries to get that warbly effect to her voice. It's very entertaining & enjoyable & funny & we never want her to stop singing it over & over because we think it's so cool & cute. :)

And check out his master list of mixes here. All available for free download. You can even join his monthly mixtape brigade if you feel so inclined to make your own mix & join in the fun.

Super cool, right?


Lori said...

yes it is super cool and we have been jammming out to it already. at our bbq sunday, during our muffin tin party monday and while cooking up playdoh tuesday! thx!
check out my sons dance move!

craft chica said...

Thanks for this! The mix is great and I really enjoy his site. You two are disgustingly creative!

Hope your summer is going well!

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