Saturday, August 29, 2009

3 Good Things

1. Go right now & check out Dana's version of my ruffle sleeve top. She has a way of making clothes for her daughter that look super cool & not super homely homemade (like I do). She also shares the measurements she used for a size 2T/3T. Thanks Dana!

2. My sister-in-law Lilia has just added some really amazing flag banners to her shop. They are made from vintage hankies! I love the delicate white ones, but this colorful one really gets me with all the interesting individual handkerchief designs.

3. Jenn's Happy Tickets have me really intrigued. I'm thinking that this sounds like a discipline system that could work well with my children.

I hope you're having a super weekend! :)


Jennifer said...

I love the banners, they get me evertime! :) said...

no way your clothes look homely! that top is really cute though.

Alex said...

I read on your blog that u are trying to eat less meat, that's fantastic! Here at home hubby and and I try to eat less meat but its harder than it looks! Anyway read that u wanted some veggie recipes here is the link to my blog

I have a really nice eggplant lasagna which you can try...just leave the beef minced out. I have done it several times and my family loves it with meat or without! take care the way love you blog! HUgs Alexandra

dana said...

Thanks for posting! yippee! some people popped over to my blog today from you. Super cool of you!
And SUPER lame about the La La Love print. It's one thing to have an idea (like your ruffle top) posted on your blog to share with others. And a COMPLETE other thing to just rip off someone's idea that is FOR SALE and then try to sell it yourself. SUPER DUPER LAME. I'll head over to her shop.
Sorry for you guys.

Anonymous said...
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