Friday, August 14, 2009

I Guess It's Time

Wanting to be like big sister today, she asked to wear panties. Not the training underwear though, she wanted Belle underwear. So we started off the day with a pair of training pants under a pair of her sister's princess panties. She had one little accident right off the bat. Then trips to sit on the toilet every 15 minutes, but nothing. She stayed dry all the way until nap time & then back into a diaper she went.

This kid LOVES dum dum suckers. So it was made known that she & Sadie would both get a sucker if Claire could go potty on the toilet. So I kept asking all morning if she needed to go potty & she kept asking is she could have a sucker. We'll get it together, I'm sure.

I've been holding off on potty training this one. Call me lazy. I just was having trouble getting excited about it. But, I'm loving these signs of readiness & training underwear has been added to my shopping list.

Plus, looking at this cute little body in big girl undies & striped socks has really helped cheer me up after I had a really bad mommy moment yelling at my kids for completely recking the cleaning job I spent so much time on this morning. I'll never get ahead with my housework & that just depresses me sometimes. Still, I love my kids like crazy.


Marty J. Christopher said...

I don't blame you for putting it off. It's hard to get excited about things you know will take a while and will inevitably involve many, many cleanups. When I used to nanny, I always loathed potty training.

Anonymous said...

I wish my 2 year old would get interested. All I get is "Hey Ma, I poop-ed in my d'wiaper."
Makes me half insane.

Lori said...

nice to know u yelled at ur kids. whew now its better i yelled at mine. lol. she does look cute. i hope she is a breeze. my boys were a nightmare to train but my daughter just asked 4 panties and it was very easy going.

Sarah@Neoteric.Traditional said...

Toddler arms and legs always get me - and their hands when they're busy with honing motor skills. I look at them and marvel at how much they've grown and how much more they'll grow - all too fast. Potty training each kid is so different. I'm trying to get my 3rd child and only boy interested. I do think it is easier the more verbal a kid is and as a boy, he's just not on the level his sisters were at the same age.
Treats for my eldest daughter when the younger was training were conditional on her helping. She turned on the light and ran the faucet, both of which her sister was too short to do.
I'm definitely having a hard time with the housekeeping part of having 3 young kids. They can wreck a place far faster than you can clean it up and getting them to help clean is even more stressful than the mess. I'm trying though.

chanel said...

holy heck- that picture is THE BEST! HA!!!!!

yellin at your kids when they reck your clean house is... a given! hello!!! I always feel bad after too, but sheesh! We're all learning together.

and your not lazy, you're expereinced, smart, and CLAIRE'S mom which means YOU KNOW when it is right.

LOVE YA!!! And LOVED talking to you!!!! You're in my prayers!!!!!

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