Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Not Pregnant. Just Stressed.

Left: Heather. Right: Candace

My body is under attack by stress. I've been so stressed lately that I was convinced that the reason why I was feeling constantly upset to my stomach was because I was pregnant. Nope. Not so. Not pregnant. But still feeling queasy.

I've got a lot of things going on. A lot keeping me busy. But why is it all making me sick? Here's the list of things that are filling up my head right now:

* Star Wars birthday party for Sadie this weekend. Jedi attire needs to be made for the guests. Must shop for other supplies & treats & make that Princess Leia cake.
* My in laws are coming to visit this weekend as well. The house needs to be cleaned.
* I have two church callings that I'm trying to manage. Teaching activity days tonight. Coordinating enrichment activities.
* Taking a break from a really big custom order for flag garlands. Need to get back to that as soon as possible.
* I should be doing more for the etsy shop. So many ideas & plans. Feeling like work for the holiday boom needs to be done right now.
* It's getting cooler outside. Time to start sewing flannel jammies for my girls.
* Need to pay bills. Do we have enough money for the bills?
* Taking dinner to a friend who is having a new baby tomorrow.
* Remember to take snacks for nursery on Sunday.
* Dog needs to be groomed.
* Are we up on the shop orders? Print, package, mail, repeat.
* Where are the supplies I ordered for my big custom order? Maybe I should call on that.

And with all that swirling around, I'm feeling like my children are not getting my full attention. I just need to calm myself somehow. Writing it all down even feels a bit better. I'm going to take every moment available & make it productive & in the end I'll feel proud of myself & all that I've accomplished. I'd just rather be on the accomplished side instead of stuck here on the buried side.


Sara said...

Oh, Candace! I empathize with you. There aren't enough hours in the day.
Let this be your mantra: "Do the best that you can with the time you have left." If something (dusting, dogs, bills) doesn't get done right away, it'll be there waiting for you when you do actually have the time!

chanel said...

holy crap! you kept saying you were stressed, but when i see it all written out, it IS stressful! well do what you can (the birthday will be fun no matter who and how they're dressed) the inlaws will come and go and then just GET BUSY and get pregnant then be too sick to care about the rest of it. Thats my plan for you. :)
it has been so great talking to you so much, i feel like you're closer when we talk more. MISS YOU! and thanks for being such a WONDERFUL EXAMPLE! I love you!

Lovely Kasey said...

it sounds like you really have your hands full! But everything will fall into place, it always does.

Shay said...

Writing it down in a list and looking at it makes it all managebale for some reason. Just decide to do one thing at a time.

Clong said...

Love the blog! You're enrichment person AND activity days person? That's just criminal. Are you like in a ward with four other people? :) Good luck with all of the tasks.

Deborah said...

Wow, this sounds like MY life (esp. the "package, mail, repeat" part). Glad to know we're in this together! :)

Sarah said...

Candace, had fun tonight - thanks for doing a great job. It was super fun to see the girls happy about a new skill.
sorry you aren't prego - sometimes that is a huge let down too. Can I do anything for the party? Please let me know (or anything else for that matter).

alison said...

Deep Breaths! The stress of womanhood is the only good use for Lamaze breathing techniques anyways!

Tell yourself every 5 minutes (if necessary):
-I will survive this weekend
-Perfection is highly overrated
-Ice cubes don't need to be dusted
-Baby Steps!!

Stacey said...

Okay, cross cleaning the house of your stress list. We are coming to see you, not to check up on your house keeping skills!

dana said...

loved this post. I could relate on all levels. I think what I feel worst about (at the end of the day) is that I want my kids to get enough attention. I guess tomorrow is another day for that!

alexandra said...

I have been feeling buried lately too - I would love to live a life that feels 'caught up' but maybe that's not realistic - is anyone ever all caught up? When there's lots to do my Mom says 'just keep moving' and recently I told myself 'just do something good' - whether it's something good for you, your kids, your husband, your home, your business, a friend, the community - just make it 'good'.
You'll get there, Candace - you'll feel better soon. Chin up!
P.S. And if you ever need a holiday come see me!!!!

julie green said...

candace, i'm there with you, only i AM pregnant and my stress is more like this "oh my god this is a big mistake i can't handle another kid" variety. we'll both get through it. promise.

Anonymous said...
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