Wednesday, October 14, 2009

See My Flag Pile

I've been working hard to get this large custom order of flag garland finished. There are 320 flags in the above photo. All cut, sewn & then pinked. I'm short 40 flags, which hopefully I'll get done tonight. Then I need to pin & sew them into bias tape. It will feel good to get this big project completed. Then it's onto finishing Halloween costumes & sewing products for an upcoming craft show.

It feels good to be busy, but I am super tired. We are settling in here & working our buns off every day. Missing Ohio, but discovering a deep down love for Las Vegas that we didn't know was there anymore.

In other news, I turned 30 over the weekend & I have a humongous zit on my lip. What gives?


Kathleen said...

I am very the edges of the flags fray?

Jessie said...

I got an eye twitch on my thirtieth birthday - after a month, I thought it was definitely downhill from there... until it magically disappeared. Here's to 30!!!

m said...

Hi, you don't know me, and I don't even know you but I wanted to tell you...

I'm a Vegas native and moved away in 2003, I'm back in town for the next year and I too have totally rediscovered my love for here. I have missed it more than I ever knew. I hope you enjoy your time back here as much as I am!

Megan D.

Cherine said...

Happy Birthday Candace! Glad you are getting settled. Hope things are well for you guys!

chanel said...

happy birthday! sorry i didn't call- i meant to!
that flag order is INSANE! thats a lot of flags!
im glad you're liking vegas, but i kinda wished you hated it, then i wouldn't miss it, especially with you being there!!!!
vegas gets in your blood and just stays. maybe every hometown does?
love ya!

So many Ideas not enough Time said...

Happy Birthday!!! if it makes you feel any better, I was pregnant with my daughter when I turned 30 and within a few months of my birthday I found a 5 inch long Grey Hair- my first ever. It didn't seem right- pregnancy is supposed to be a symbol of Youth, Not grey hair.
I'm glad you guys are getting settled in and getting back to normal- whatever that is-
God Bless

Pink & Green Mama said...

Congrats on your custom order, looks like it will be adorable, I love the colors!

I'll bet it's warmer in Vegas than in Ohio.

I'm sorry to say but I get more zits in my 30s than I ever did in my teens -- nice.

andrea said...

You'll find a good thrift store there I'm sure. You have such a good eye. I have been really missing you since we got here though! It was weird having a fire at the Coil's with smores without the Todds :( You are all very missed here. I am glad to hear you are finding things about Vegas that you love. When we got back to Phoenix I felt like that too, just noticing things I hadn't before. I really do still miss Ohio though. Sometimes life just doesn't make since to me! Oh and I have a giant zit on my lip too....and many others. What is with breaking out in your twenties?

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