Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Have Calendars

2010 desktop calendars have been added to the shop today. Dylan designed three really great versions. Check them out!

First we have the Month-to-Month calendar. Very colorful. Very cool:

Then we have the Colorblock calendar. Very colorful & vibrant. Appealing to guys as well as girls:

And then, my favorite, the Fabric Stash calendar. Scans of actual vintage fabrics were used. Oh my! It's pretty. I love it:

Each of these calendars come in a case that folds out into a stand. Perfect gift for an office coworker. Seriously.

Let us know what you think!


Courtney said...

Dang, I already bought and filled in my 2010 calendar, other wise that fabric stash one would have had my name all over it!

3 'lil Lemons said...

I love those! They are all so cool. The fabric stash is my favorite though . . . beautiful. We miss you!

rose said...

YAY! did you see my post about how I searched for a calendar on Etsy but had no luck finding very many I liked? Now I need to decide which one I like best - I like them all!

Anonymous said...

Great idea scanning the vintage fabric! And the new graphic one is stunning, too. Well done, folks!

chanel said...

i'll keep it in mind if ryan has to get his coworkers christmas gifts! great idear.

Amy said...

These are super cute! I like them all, but my favorite is the Fabric Stash calendar!

Erin said...

i just recently found your blog- love it. i grew up in Vegas. i hope you are enjoying being "home" again. i am loving these calendars. i will definitely have to buy one. thanks!!

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