Friday, November 06, 2009

Rock On

Sadie didn't have to go to school on Monday because of a staff development day so we decided to go take a little hike out at Red Rock. Actually Dylan decided that we should & I must say it was an excellent idea. The girls had a blast on our rocky little hike. Claire did not want to be carried at all. She wanted to navigate the rocks all on her own. Sadie was filthy by the end of it...sufficiently covered in dust.

I'm learning that it is important that we take advantage of this time with Dylan at home to make special outings as a family. It really was quite a simple day but hopefully our kids will remember it fondly.

And I am totally thrown off season wise by the weather here. Mid 80's all week makes my internal clock think it's summer time & I am not feeling any pressure to get holiday work done. Which makes me freak out whenever I look at the calendar & remember that it's actually November & the days are moving by quite quickly. Christmas will be here before we know it. We'll see if I'll be ready for it this year. For now I'll continue to wear a t-shirt & flip flops & try not to stress.


Amber said...

What a fun day! My boys love doing stuff like that.
And that must be the reason why I am not even ready for christmas. I haven't really thought about it but now that you say that I think I have to agree.

sonya audrey said...

My husband actually grew up in Las Vegas so I've been there to visit a few times. Red Rock is just beautiful! He'll be the best man there at a wedding in March + I'm looking forward to seeing more of what the city has to offer! We've talked often about moving there, but right now with job security, (obviously you know :( ) it's just too risky for him to get out of the military. He's interviewed with Metro a few times. Maybe someday. :)

I'm glad you had such a fun family day together. Those are seriously the best!

Melanie said...

yes, it is hard to think Christmas and Thanksgiving when it was 96 degrees on Tuesday. Not like I ever prepare for holidays in the first place...

Lori said...

girl i hear ya on enjoying Dylan being home. When my dh and I were prego with twins we lived in a town with a horrible economy. He could only find part time work and I had to stop working. we moved in with mil and at the time it was a tad agonizing that we needed cash but at the same time him up with me all night and able to be hands on with the boys for the first few months was priceless.

Heather said...

ahhh....flip flops and short sleeves practically year round, isn't it the life :)
Glad you guys had fun.

Anonymous said...

Candace, I am in Australia and we are in our Spring, which is fast progressing to Summer. We are in thongs (flip-flops to you, they are called thongs by us) and t-shirts, only it's normal to us to be dressing like that this time of year. I can understand why it feels strange for you though!

I feel Christmas in the air too. I am trying to prepare but don't quite feel in the zone mentally yet either. I too am enjoying having my partner David home, but we really need him to find work soon. He interviewed with a labour hire agency on Friday and they have a lot of work coming up, so we'll see.

Best of luck to you all, I am thinking of you :)

Karen xx

chanel said...

it sounds like this is turning into the time of your lives! see where faith takes you? wow! you are, as usual, an inspiration! You are solely the reason making me want to move back- I mean being near you is reason enough, but the joy you are finding there is just amazing! PLUS Michelle said we could do our FHE group again! How cool would that be? 8 kids later!!
Praying for good things tomorrow!
LOVE ya!

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