Monday, January 04, 2010

Fresh & Easy Winners and New Garlands

First off...the winners of the Fresh & Easy $25 Gift Cards are Stephanie & Shari. Hooray! I really love practical giveaways & saving money at the grocery store is so thrilling to me. Can't wait to send these gift cards off to you ladies! Yay!

I have lots to share with you all about the new year & some changes I've decided to make. But I must get my cleaning done first. Until then, check out the scalloped flag garlands that I just added to the shop.

Also, check out Ashley of Lil Blue Boo's Design Challenge. I am an official judge! :) You can get all the details on how to enter right here.


Jessie said...

Those turned out really cute, Candace!

Ashley said...

I love that garland. AND Fresh and Easy is my favorite store...bummed I missed that giveaway! I get anxiety when I have to shop anywhere else because I feel like I am getting ripped off...I'm on their mailing list for coupons too! Thanks for the contest shout out!

Shari said...

I won, I won!!! Yippee!! Ashley, I'll treat you to something at Fresh and Easy ;)

That garland is adorable Candace :)

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