Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going Meatless - Southwest Salad

Inspired by Jessica & a salad I recently had at Cafe Rio. Here's how we put our together:

romaine lettuce
pinto beans
diced cucumber
diced tomatoes
tortilla strips
Fresh & Easy Creamy Cilantro dressing
squeeze of lime

Dylan's rating: 8
My rating: 9.5

We both really loved this salad. Next time I make it I'll add some spanish or cilantro lime rice, guacamole & pico. I'm pretty sure that would make it a perfect 10.

We are doing well with the adjusted diet. I asked Dylan last night if he missed meat. He said no. He is eating meat sometimes without me (when we go to a resturaunt or to family's house for dinner). I think he's averaging eating meat only about twice a week. I was happy to hear that he wasn't missing it because I'm not either. It's going to take some time to find our favorite vegetarian meals, but we're headed in the right direction. :)


Anonymous said...
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Ali said...

I received an email from Everyday Food that listed their top 45 (or so) meatless comfort foods and thought of you. I'd be happy to forward it to you if you don't receive info from them. Their magazine regularly includes meatless dishes that you might like to check out.

alison said...

That's great that you're doing so well!

chanel said...

seriously you are like the salad guru! you should takes pictures for cook books cause you make salad look so good i want to lick my computer! mmmmmmm. well i won some pictures in that auction so im coming with the new bean in aug or sept and you're taking me to fresh & easy and helping me stock up on yummy stuff! that dressing looks so good.

seriously every time i eat meat now i feel bad. thanks a lot. i just want to be you.

Sandra said...

This is like summer on a plate, mmhhm!
( Did you recive my e-mail about the vintage sheets or was it thrown out by your spam? )

3 'lil Lemons said...

yum! That looks so good, and oh how I miss cafe rio. I think I might just have to try that. thanks!

goosemonkey said...

I am a huge sucker for Cafe Rio salads. Especially the tomatillo ranch dressing! I actually went to F&E today to find the dressing you mentioned and I couldn't find it. I saw something called "spicy cilantro dip" in the refrigerator section that might be it but it's a lot thicker than what's pictured in your photo. So where do I need to look? I really wanna try it! Also, where did you get the blue and red tortilla strips?

Candace said...

the dressing is in a small little bottle in the refrgerator where all the vegetables are. pretty close to the salad greens.
the tortialla strips i picked up at F&E as well. they were near the pantry salad dressings & croutons. They were on the very top of the shelf in a little bag.

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