Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February Focus: Exercise & Water

So it's February & I have some new goals to focus on. I will continue to eat very little meat like I did in January & hopefully that will continue on for a very long time. I hope to add some new goals each month, building on what I've previously been working on & hopefully I'll be a more awesome person in the end.

Because really, I just want to be awesome.

Well, this month I am going to exercise. Every week day. Weekends I can take off if I choose. I started yesterday with the 30 Day Shred & plan to workout to that dvd all month long. I got that dvd for free through swagbucks, which I posted about here. We've gotten a lot more free stuff through swagbucks....a computer mouse, this book & this book that I just ordered & a whole bunch of xbox stuff for Dylan. It's awesome. Sign up for Swagbucks here. Start searching , then get your friends to sign up under you & watch your points grow fast & cash them in for some awesome stuff.

Anyway....here's to sweaty mornings & a stronger body. Want to join in with me?

Also, I need to up my water intake. I'm really bad at drinking water. So, I'm going to pay more attention to that as well.

Happy February!


chanel said...

ummmm, hello! you're like the AWESOMEST person EVER! you're just going to be a super skinny awesome person. i like your picture. :)

Stacy said...

i just started doing the 30 day shred video yesterday. i thought i was in fairly good shape but it was hard - a great, sweaty workout! good luck!

the mama monster said...

i love swagbucks and i love love love the 30 day shred! i just started body for life and combining it with the 30 day shred. how can i not be awesome in the end? wait until you get to level 2 boy howdy it is crazy. i just made it to level 3 and it is crazy hard too, but 2 is the worst! i also love jillians no more trouble areas. do yourself a favor and skip any video bob makes...good luck with your healthier lifestyle!

Rui Almeida said...

Hi. There is no doubt about the importance of drink water when exercising(also before and after). I do some long distance runing and the hidratation is a fundamnetal issue. P.S I'm also a professional soccer coach on last 15 years.

Lori said...

i started keeping a pretty clear jar with a few leaves etched on it filled with water in the fridge. I like to add lemon, limes or cucumber along with a bit of fresh herbs. So far I have tried mint and lemon with cucumbers, basil and lemon and mint and lime. This helps my water intake alot. I will reuse the same produce for a few days and just refill the jar. Once the flavors are light I make a new jar. this looks pretty and gets me drinking water.

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