Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a group phone interview with Thomas Balmes, the director of the movie BABIES, which comes out in theaters Mother's Day weekend.

After speaking with Mr. Balmes, I am even more excited to see this movie! He spent 5 years making this film! It follows four babies in four different parts of the world from birth to one year old. It was interesting to hear from him how hard it was to fit in some of the living rooms with his equipment & also to hear about some of the bonds that he formed with the families through this experience. Thomas has children of his own, and I also enjoyed hearing from him what he took back to his life & family after being away from them during the filming. One thing he mentioned was how technology fits into our culture. Sometimes it overcomes our family time & we're not fully there with our kids because we're focusing on both them & the computer at the same time.

It's not a big budget movie full of special effects, but if the trailer is any indication, it should be a very emotionally powerful & genuinely entertaining movie.

There is no commentary in the movie & the director wants the viewer to formulate their own questions about how our cultures differ & how we raise our children. I imagine that some thoughts may come up that just because some things are socially acceptable in our culture, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best for us & our children. I am hoping that after seeing the difference in the way I raise my babies & the way the babies in Mongolia & Namibia are raised, I will leave the theater with more conviction that my children do not need any more toys!

I'm really stoked on seeing this movie. I think going to see it might even be a Mother's Day treat to myself. :) Anyway, Here's the trailer one more time:


chanel said...

so cool. how you get involved is amazing.
yeah im anxious to see this. not sure i will be inspired to buy less toys, i like me some toys, even boy ones now! ;)

Madam b.Fly said...

I have my family's calendar marked so we can take the Lilies to see this one. Everytime the preview pops up on our computer, my two year old (Free) stops everything she's doing, sometimes to the extreme of mid-chew, to come and watch. I can't wait!

Lia said...

I just watched the trailer, so darn cute. I really like how there are no words. I'll be taking a friend of mine and new mom to see this for sure.

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