Monday, April 05, 2010

Mr. Moustache Bear

So after the bunny softies, we decided that it would be fun to introduce a new softie animal each month. This month will be this cute little mustached bear wearing a bowler hat. So watch for a few of these popping up in the shop this month.

I have been a bit grouchy lately (that's an understatement) & I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to get happy. It's been a while, but I started exercising again this morning. Hope that helps.

I asked Claire if she wanted eggs this morning & she started screaming with excitement. Then I realized that she was thinking chocolate candy eggs. I had to explain that I meant breakfast eggs & toast. When it clicked she had a bit of a meltdown. I thought it was pretty funny.


Lori said...

cute story about claire!! it reminds me of the time we were making pot pies and my niece was mad when the whole family took one and there was only one left for her. after one bite she was an unhappy camper because there were no cherries inside.

chanel said...

hey sorry ive been mia.
i ran through the picts and read a little here and there and let me tell ya- you are lookin GORGEOUS! Seriously how beautiful are you!?!?!

I hope you cheer up. I know what will make you happy, and it is a comin. BELIEVE IT! Before long you'll be puking and miserable and oh so happy to be so. I LOVE YOU and we HAVE to talk this week!!!

Melissa Everett said...

claire is so funny! Im sorry you are grouchy. I am really grouchy!! i love the new softie. Very cute!

Kate said...

I love Mr Moustache Bear, he is fabulous!
I am feeling a bit grouchy this morning too.I am trying my hardest to snap out of it but I'm struggling. Let's hope we both feel happier and lighter soon. X

Amy said...

Oh! I love Mr. Mustache Bear!
And how fun to do a new one each month!

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