Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Best Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Ever

We had the best grilled cheese & tomato soup ever & it was made in our kitchen!

For the grilled cheese, I used sourdough bread with a slice of cheddar cheese & a slice of creamy havarti cheese.

The tomato basil soup was amazing mae's recipe. Mine is a lot darker red than hers & I think that's because I didn't measure my crushed tomatoes & I think I may have used more than 4 cups. Still tasted wonderful.

For me soup is great for winter, but I'm cool with it in the warmer months as well. A bowl of soup, some salad & a chunk of bread....I could go for that any time of year. :) In fact, I had a really delicious cauliflower soup at Zupas when I was in Utah recently. Now I need to find a yummy cauliflower soup recipe. Anybody have one?


Brittany said...

YUM! I am definitely a sucker for grilled cheese and tomato soup! :) Especially for an easy, quick fix hunger pain! LOL

JMillerFam said...

funny...I'm doing pesto/tomato/mozzerella grilled cheese tonight - yessss!!! I LOVE GRILLED CHEESE!

Anonymous said...

i have a good broccoli/cheese soup that you could probably substitute cauliflower for the broccoli.

Christina said...

One of my favorite meals! It looks so good - i've never thought to try Havarti on a grilled cheese sandwich, I will have to give it a go next time. I do love tomato on my grilled cheese sandwiches, though. So good!

Jen Rose said...

hey girl. I have a recipe with calliflower. Its really good. I'll get it to Amber for you. Let me know how you like it!

Plan and Play said...

If you like gorgonzola I have a recipe you might like. I have a link on my blog
I am giving the tomato soup a try. Thanks for sharing.


chanel said...

that sandwich looks amazing, im sure the soup is too, I just wanna barf when i think about tomato soup, and thats not a pregnancy side effect, its my life.
i forgot to tell ya, im teaching a "cooking class" at enrichment and am doing all vegetarian meals- I will also pimp your blog to the class, cause you're my inspiration (now sing the Chicago song).

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