Monday, May 10, 2010

The Goods

A little while back on one of our "let's just pop into Urban Outfitters while we're close & see if there's anything good in the clearance section" outings, I came across some really pretty bags & mentioned that I wouldn't mind owning one. Then I told Dylan the he better not buy me one because they are way too pricey. Well, he bought me one anyway & I'm pretty happy about it in the end. :)

I have not purchased a new bag in over 3 years. I've been making my own & it was time for a new one. I wasn't feeling like making one though. I have too much to do. It was on the back burner. So maybe it's a little worldly, but every once in a great while it's okay to be a little worldly, right? Especially for such a pretty bag.

I also got an awesome pasta & popsicle stick magnetic gold frame from Sadie & a cute crocheted washcloth from my Grandma. It was a good Mother's Day indeed.

I also wrapped up a craft show this weekend & so I have some new goodies in the shop today. Just a few new garlands so far & my new tooth fairy pillows. As always, check them out in the shop & here are a few peeks:


Chris said...

As always...darling designs. Congrats of the sweet bag. I'm thrilled for you!

Lia said...

What a great guy. Sometimes you need to splurge a little and I think it was a wise choice on his part. I can tell you're very busy and work hard so you deserved something pretty for Mothers Day.

Great pillows, and the garland is cute as always.

Shelby said...

What a perfect mother's day! I love your new bunting! Very cute :)


Love the bag! And the blue & red banner.

Heather at All A Flutter said...

i love those tooth pillows. so cute!
and what a wonderful hubby to get you that sweet bag.

crafterhours said...

Bag is gorgeous! I spent too much on a nice brown leather bag last year too, but it is totally worth it. I'll never need another one for the rest of my life (cutesy fabric ones are a different story, of course! :)

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