Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Guest Post - Ambrosia Girl

I always love to find cool people that share my same faith & I think Jenn is the coolest I've come across. She is an incredible graphic designer & the mother of two adorable boys. Her sense of style in all things (design, home decor, clothing) is amazing & modern & cool. Check out her blog Ambrosia Girl & prepare for your jaw to drop a few times at all the great posts.

As I've contemplated on motherhood and what it means to me, I seem to keep settling on the realization that being a mother has made me...kind of a nutty person. I sometimes complain about needing a little space from the kids, yet could very well kiss their faces and feet for an entire day (perplexing my husband to no end), and watch my 2-year-old go down the slide a million times with a happy, probably goofy-looking expression on my face. Along with reading and crafting, I've all of a sudden developed an interest in Rube Goldberg machines and Bionicles (there was an intense Star Wars phase at some point, too). My ears perk up when I overhear my friends discussing potty-training, strollers, and corn syrup. I am crazy-obsessive over the type of ground beef we consume, and do weird Google searches like "child eat floss help."


No doubt, a 21-year-old me would have been a little dismayed to see what my priorities are at 28. But there is something purifying and enlightening about being a mother that in no way I could have understood without the experience. What is amazing to me is that we don't enter motherhood with the intent of strengthening our weaknesses (It's because we want little babies, duh!), yet the refinement, the epiphanies, and resulting joy are by-products. A bonus. A boon.

I am grateful to be a mother to my sweet little boys. It staggers me that I have been entrusted to take care of these two special little spirits, and I draw strength from that. The person I am now may seem odd to my 21-year-old self, but I like who I've become. My soul is experiencing the most thorough, and beautifying makeover ever. And I have my children to thank for that.


busbyhive said...

I'm so enlightened by the comments of motherhood that you've posted. Such elegant writers...I'm touched by their choice of words that truly describe what motherhood really is. It's helped me step back and contemplate how blessed I am to be a mother. Thanks.

Lia said...

Yes, I agree with busbyhive. I find myself nodding at the screen as I read. So far your guest bloggers have expressed their love of motherhood so beautifully and I can't wait to read more.

Candace said...

So well put, Jenn!
your google search for "child eat floss" makes me think of how Dylan & I often say...."that's something I never thought I'd say in my lifetime" as we are explaining things to or correcting our girls...it's so funny.
I love your last bit the most. Really set my day off right. Thanks.

And thanks for the comments girls. I'm glad you guys are enjoying the posts as much as I am. :)

the mama monster said...

so true! i find myself obsessing over star wars and cars and whatever. isn't it the best feeling knowing that your kids love something so much and you can share that with them? it's funny how we change so much as women when we become mothers!

jamie hixon said...

I pretty much love you, Jenn.

Jenn Kirk said...

Thank you for the comments and thanks again Candace! I've loved reading the posts all week!

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