Friday, May 07, 2010

Guest Post - Calico

Cally is the mother of five! She seems so down to earth, so calm & so balanced. I want to be like her. She makes beautiful things & I'm convinced that she is the very best person in the world at making ruffles. Read all about her beautiful life at Calico.

I like to look at rocks. Whenever we go to the park or to the lake I pick a spot and sift through the pebbles, looking for something special. A rock that’s unique and beautiful.

I always come away with a pocket full of treasures. It’s not so much that I love rocks, I just love finding something special hidden in a million of the same.

My days aren’t glamorous. duh. I wipe a thousand different varieties and species of guck off any given surface within an hour. I pick up dirty socks and apple cores out of every crevice of my home. all day. I make myself the same to-do list every morning. I talk to the Backyardigans. So what? This job isn't lists and chores, right? It’s about the treasures; the millions of moments I’d otherwise just be stepping on if I didn’t look around. It takes intention to sift through the messy and the mundane in order to collect those moments that make my heart swell. If I’m busy or distracted, those opportunities are unnoticed or ignored. But if I stop and look, they’re everywhere. The whines and the spills become memories that make me smile. The ones I want to keep in my pocket forever.

I’m grateful for the continual reminders to slow down and to love my children intentionally. I’m grateful for the compassion that fills my heart to capacity when I pray for guidance, and work for patience and for eyes to see. I’m grateful for the choice I have to make something good, to create something beautiful. I'm grateful for 5 opportunities to love completely. And for tomorrows, so I can do it again.

I love being their mom.


Candace said...

so perfectly put, so beautifully written. I am still trying to learn this & I love your attitude. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Miranda said...

I love this gal too! Her blog is really awesome and that is how I came to your great place in bloggyworld!
Nice to meet you, I'll be sticking around as a follower!

Chris said...

Simply put, thank you. Both to Candace and to Cally. This little series has been great. I appreciated very much the time each woman took to share her thoughts and feelings.

Amber said...
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Caroline said...

Sweet. I have lots of messy and mundane in my life too. Thanks for sharing.

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