Monday, May 03, 2010

Guest Post - Homemade Grits

Lesley Graham is the beautiful, red-headed mother of Matilda. Her blog, Homemade Grits, adds a bit of southern flavor to my reader. I love checking in on her blog which includes all things lovely (including her own handmade goods) and sweet as can be family posts from the perspective of a young mother.

the quiet mornings with just the two of us.

hearing "mama" in the tiniest whisper when i crack open her bedroom door first thing.

when someone asks me if i'm the mother. my entire face lights up.

hugging my husband while he's holding our daughter. our family hugs are my favorite kind of hug.

dancing together in the kitchen.

making her laugh. there is no limit to what i will do.

looking behind me in the car (not while i'm driving. promise.) and seeing her little face.

being the only person that will do.

hearing "oh wow" when she sees something she likes.

firsts. witnessing her discover the world in her own way is one of my greatest delights.

holding her freshly bathed and pajamed body right before bed.

the tiny pats and kisses i get throughout the day.

the way she says things.

that if today is a hard day, tomorrow usually won't be.

the fact that i will always be matilda's mother. me. how lucky am i?

happy mother's day


Candace said...

So cute! I love the family hugs part. so, so sweet. :)

homemade grits said...

what a sweet and thoughtful introduction! i'm so honored to be a guest on your lovely blog<3

Reece's said...

I loved the one where she says "that if today is a hard day, tomorrow usually won't be". SO true! What sweet words from a proud mamma! Thanks for sharing!

Claire Kiefer said...

This is such a sweet, tender post. :) Love you and M, Lesley!

Kate Kiefer said...


Jessica said...

woow just visited her blog, and I am in love with her tops/dresses for girls. I love the pompoms!! so cutre!

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