Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Guest Post - Katie Cupcake

What can I say about Katie? She is adorable and such a sweetheart! The awesome Mother of Paisley & expecting a baby boy! I cannot wait to hear what they name this boy because how cute & original is Paisley?!! Check out her colorful & cute as can be blog katie.cupcake.

being a mother was always the farthest thing from my mind growing up, and especially when i was a teenager. in high school, i was the first to tell anyone and everyone that i despised children and babies, and would never ever have any. i never baby-sat, and didn't change a diaper until i was 18, when my sister had her first daughter. i got married 6 months later, and a month after that, was *very* surprised to find out that i was pregnant. it took me a couple months to come to terms with the fact that i was going to be having a child of my own, but when i felt my baby's first kick, i knew that i was meant to be a mother.

now it's three years later and i'm expecting my second baby. my life has done a complete 180 from what i thought it would be, but i couldn't be happier about where it has gone. i can't imagine my life without paisley in it, and i cannot think of a more important job than being with paisley every day. watching her grow has been the happiest time of my life and she has become my best-friend.

i've grown so much the past three years thanks to paisley and i am excited (even if a little nervous) about the new challenges and growth that lies ahead of me with this new baby.

i hope you all have a happy mother's day, filled with lots of love.

and thanks to candace for letting me be part of this week of special blogs!



Candace said...

katie, I cannot believe that you never wanted any kids!! you seem like such a natural.
I think it's so sweet that you & Paisley are such good friends & you're so right....there isn't a more important job than being a mother.
thanks. :)

mommaruth said...

I love Katie's blog! She's such a sweetheart and Paisley is so adorable :)

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