Tuesday, June 01, 2010

In My Head

I can't believe the weekend is over. I'm a little sad to see it go. I've had so much going through my head lately. Much of it is really serious stuff, some of it not so much. :)

* I do not want to be critical of my own body or anybody elses. I want my girls to be accepting of themselves & everybody around them. I need to be a good example of this.

* I'm working on growing my hair long.

* I feel really strongly right now that I need to help develop a really strong relationship between my two girls as well as our family as a whole. More good family activities & together time is how I plan to go about this.

* I think I'm a pretty good cook. I want people to think I'm a good cook & talk about it. They should say stuff like, "Everything Candace makes it gooood!" I can be a little conceited sometimes.

* Summer TV really, really sucks.

* Time to start exercising.....again.

* A super friend pointed out this quote from Elder Ballard's Mothers and Daughters talk,

"Throughout the history of the world, women have always been teachers of moral values. That instruction begins in the cradle and continues throughout the lives of their children. Today our society is bombarded with messages about womanhood and motherhood that are dangerously and wickedly wrong. Following these messages can put your daughters on the path to sin and self-destruction. Your daughters may not understand that unless you tell them or, better, unless you show them how to make good choices. As mothers in Israel, you are your daughters’ first line of defense against the wiles of the world."

So right on with what I've been feeling & thinking so strongly about my job as a mom. And specifically a mom to two daughters. I have to prepare these girls right now while they are little so that they can be good, unselfish, smart adults. It's a big job. I can do it though. :)

* I'm not a dreamer. My feet are planted firmly on the ground. But I have hopes, that's for sure.

* It is okay to treat myself to a piece of jewelry or a new top every now & then. It makes me feel good & I'm worth it.

* I live a really sweet life with some really sweet people.



Melanie said...

Congrats on being a culinary artist, I can hardly call my meals edible. :)

jen said...

amazing post. (((HUGS)))

Lauralee said...

You ARE a great cook! Some of my favorite recipes have come from you. I've never been disappointed ;)

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

Thanks for a post that gives me something to think about! I need to be more purposeful in teaching my kids.
By the way, I have a favourites folder for recipes I want to try, and several in there are from your blog. I need to give them a try!

Amber said...

that was sweet. i was totally thinking on monday night that your hair is getting long. i didn't say it out loud to you....only thought it in my head. but now i will tell you. "Your hair is getting really long Candace!"

Love For Sale said...

hey candace! i havent posted a comment in awhile, but that doesnt mean i dont come to your blog daily. because i do. i recently had twins and have been going through so many body issues lately. im kind of getting sick of the voice in my head. thank you for making me realize im not alone. its a big job to be a mom to two. i constantly think about how i have to stop beating myself up because i dont want my little girl, charlie, to do the same thing to herself. i want her to have the BEST life. i want her to have the confidence i never had. its nice to know moms struggle together. be we also rock together. crafty moms especially.

ive tried recipies you've posted before, by the way. and they are the awesome.

AND i made a ruffle sleeve top for miss charlie. i made it longer so it could be like a sundress for her. anything that allows wind to blow up her dress and therefore cools off her fat belly, is basically the best thing ever.

all of that is to say, you are the master of karate and friendship. for everyone.

Love For Sale said...

(daaaang i mispelled a lot of stuff. mom of twins. playin' that card ALL day long.)

Reece's said...

oohhh, I too love it when people tell me how much they luv my cooking! And actually, (even though I think it started as a smarty-pants joke!) my husband makes a big ordeal about thanking me for the wonderful dinner I have prepared every night so the kids join in...cute! Makes me feel good :)

Margit Rosenaa said...

I think you are super cool! You have beautiful girls and look amazing yourself. You are incredible creative and talented and makes the most adorable things (just love the dresses you make). I'm so glad I found your blog - and there is so much more for me to discover in the archives of your blog. It helps a lot on the motivation for a "new" blogger like me to look at your stuff.
And wauuu... you have 682 people following your blog!
Have a nice day

Ryan said...

super friends rule! ;)
being a mom of daughters can be daunting, but when we get councel like that it just empowers ya!!! your girls are so lucky tohave you and it is great to focus on what you are, but realize what an incredible job you've done so far!! I mean that post about Sadie and all her love for you and wanting to be a mom, Im copying it and inserting Julia's name just to feel good about myself! haha j/k- kind of.
so your cooking rules, your hair is SA-weet, and I think your arms could fit between my pointer finger and thumb- teeny-tiny, you are looking so strong and beautiful, HAPPY DAY!

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