Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Do What You Love

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Time to answer another one of your questions!

it's like this, cat asked...

i've had an etsy shop for years now - and feel like i'm coming to the end of it. i'm wondering if you ever feel 'done' with the things you're well known for making, and what you do if this happens. do you just power through, knowing that your items will sell and that is motivation enough? or do you never make an item that you're not still passionate about?

No. I don't make anything that I'm not passionate about.

If while I'm sewing product for the shop & my thoughts keep going over how I never want to make another such & such again, I know I'm done. You will notice that the product in my shop changes & evolves just like I do.

In the beginning of my etsy shop, I used to sell tote bags. Simple, basic tote bags. You'll notice that I don't sell them anymore. That's because I just got sick of making them.

I've mentioned before that productivity is based on your mood. If you're not in a good mood, you're not going to happily whip out a ton of product. You're going to drag your feet wishing you just didn't have to do it at all. And if you're not keeping productivity up, then you're not listing often & you're not keeping your sales up.

The great thing about running your own etsy shop is that when you're not feeling it, you can walk away for a bit & pick up again when you're feeling more motivated.

Here's my suggestion for keeping the positive creative energy flowing: Keep a journal & jot down any product ideas that may come to you from time to time. Refer to it when you get to the point that you are feeling done with your current offerings. Try making some new & different things, until you come across something that's more enjoyable to make.

I am motivated by money as well. A couple weeks ago I was thinking about the shop & how far it's come. Then I wondered how long we would continue with it. Then I thought about how our kids will need braces & college educations & I thought that maybe it'd be around for a long time. And that sat well with me. I felt fine with that. We never know what the future holds though. I guess we'll see.


Little Lizard King said...

Great post! I concur.

Jenny said...

Great post... and I love the poster too. That quote always reminds me of another... "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with!".

christen [good day sunshine] said...

hi there! thanks for featuring my print in your article.. it's something i really try to live by! (just discovered your blog and it's great! i've been a fan of yours on etsy for a while!)

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