Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Like Summer

Summer is keeping me away from the computer & making it hard for me to come up with blog posts. Sorry about that! But we are having lots of fun, so I'm not going to feel bad. :)

A few things I wanted to mention though:

* Check out this excellent post by Dylan that dives a little deeper into the topic of plagiarism in the handmade community.

* Today is the last day to get your entry in for the $60 CSN Stores Giveaway. Seriously fun shopping spree to be had there, so be sure to get your comment it!

* This carseat cooler is so genius. Check out the tutorial & make your own!

* I'm teaching a class at church tonight about repurposing old jeans. I think this bag is the most awesome thing I came across in my research.

* Root beer bunt cake? Sounds good to me!

* I think these summer bracelets are adorable!

I'll try to pop in again between swim sessions. Keep cool! :)

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Me? A Mom? said...

For those who like the idea of a the carseat cooler but can't or don't want to make one, do what I do: freeze water in an empty two liter bottle and then wrap it in a flannel receiving blanket (to catch the sweat). That puppy will last HOURS in the hot car.

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