Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Staring Down First Grade

A year round school schedule has been really different for us this year. We are so excited that tomorrow is the last day of school! Today we went to Sadie's kindergarten graduation program. There was a point where I got a little teary. Way, way less emotional than preschool graduation, but still. She's such a big kid now!

I was hoping for a family photo, but Claire was in no mood. Sadie was a little too serious in the first shot:

And here's the happy, more silly one:

I love my family. :)


Claire Kiefer said...

1. Awww, you have a daughter named Claire?? :)
2. I think the serious shot is hilarious! She looks very proper with her serious look and glasses.


Hambergoosa said...

awe, congrats. Your family is so adorable. I follow your husbands blog too, Thanks for the mix!

The Smith Family said...

Congrats on the kindergarten graduation...first grade is awesome too! My little Emily just finished first grade and she loved it...she also developed a very strong love for reading in first grade as well. YAY Sadie! :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! Erin will be entering first grade in august.....they grow so darn fast!

Ooty said...

=) Congrats! I know how you feel my girl will be going through this at SEP.1st...lots of mixed emotions.

chanel said...

cute! she's a star!
1st grade is WAY better than kindergarten, but feels harder to accept at first. once she's there and happy you'll feel sooooo much better.
LOVING your hair- so pretty!

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