Monday, August 16, 2010

Freezing Corn

We purchased a big batch of Colorado sweet corn from our food co-op & so I spent some time on Saturday freezing it. I think we started with about 30 ears of corn.

So here is my process. Drop the ears of corn in a pot of boiling water for 5 min. Pull them out & allow to cool for a few minutes. Then cut the corn from the ears & put desired amount in freezer bags.

When you're ready to eat them. Pull them out of the freezer, put the corn in a microwave safe bowl with a little butter, salt & pepper & pop in the microwave for a few minutes. Tastes so much better than any frozen corn you can get at the grocery store.

We finished with a good stack of bags in the freezer & little niblets of corn all over the kitchen. :)


chanel said...

thats cause its from Colorado baby!!!

Amber Liddle said...

I never thought about doing that! Great idea, as corn around here is super cheap right now :)

Kristen said...

Great idea!! I think I will be doing this over the weekend..

Rolyndia said...

I have never cooked the corn on the cob and then cut the corn off. I always cut the corn off and then cook the corn and let it cool off before putting it in bags to freeze. May have to try it this way.

Reece's said...

We just went on a loooong road trip that brought us through Idaho twice! Doing this as I type :) I couldnt resist all that cheap fresh corn!! yum!

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