Thursday, August 05, 2010

Lily & Thistle Paper Doll Review & Free Product Offer

We have some really great new sponsors this month that I am really excited about. One just happens to be Lily & Thistle! Hannah, the artist behind Lily & Thistle creates the most adorable customizable paper dolls. She was kind enough to send the most beautiful package to my little girls.

My girls were over the moon excited to play with their own mini Me paper dolls & my heart just melted when I saw the little paper doll versions of them. SO cute!

Hannah sent us a tons of adorable outfits including the fairy tale line, the girls in literature line, the spring & summer lines. Sadie was thrilled! She kept saying things like "This is great!" or "I love this!"

Each paper doll comes with a Keepsake Packet which holds an extra doll & outfits that Hannah signed. I love this idea! The keepsake doll can be saved for something special like the girls memory book or maybe used in a shadowbox display in their room & they still have their other doll to play with.

The dolls are printed on a really nice weight paper that has a light texture to it. The girls were so excited that the dolls looked like them. Sadie said, "She even got my glasses!" and Claire was please with her two ponytails. :)

Hannah is so clever. She includes a sticky strip that helps hold the clothes on. This is genius! So great for the little girls & a lifesaver if your tabs tear off. Sadie played with her doll so much in the first day that the sticky strip lost it's stick. I followed the directions on the sticky strip package & just washed the strip with soapy water & air dried it. The stick came right back! Amazing!

Everything came packaged in a sturdy paper envelope with a velcro closure. Perfect for storing the dolls & all their outfits.

Seriously, Hannah thought of everything! There is no need to stress about the dolls our outfits getting ruined from too much play. She includes a CD with the paper dolls & all of the outfits so that you can reprint them if necessary.

I just love these dolls & so do my girls. I can see them playing with these for a really long time. But it doesn't stop there! The Lily & Thistle Blog has free dolls & outfits to print out. so much fun!

Also, how fun would it be to have a paper doll birthday party?! The Lily & Thistle shop carries a party package which you can purchase printed or you can print yourself from home.

Hannah is just finishing up a boy doll and fall line of outfits for both the boy and the girl doll. She is offering a free fall line of outfits ($8 value) with the purchase of any package (Ultimate, Standard or Print-It-Yourself) for Sparkle Power readers! Just write "Sparkle" in the instructions to buyer at checkout.

What are you waiting for?! Go check out all the Lily & Thistle goodness!


eighteen25 girls said...

those look like so much fun. i think i might need some for myself. ;) i love the fact that they come with a disc to print more off if they get ruined.



those are so cool. I'd love to have one for my daughter

chanel said...

how awesome! gonna check these out for christmas for sure!

angelina said...

i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leandre said...

thank you for sharing! i saw the Lily & Thistle line some time ago and knew they would be the perfect gift for a dear friend's daughter in october. now i have even more incentive to snatch them up! of course, i want a set for my own daughter as well. she's only 2, but she'll love these soon!

Michelle said...

Candace I think Claire looks so much like you in these pictures. Cute!

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