Friday, August 06, 2010

Vintage Thread + Poster Giveaway

Check out these beautiful vintage spools of thread that I got from my neighbor! She's moving her elderly mother into an assisted living home & getting rid of a lot of her stuff. She called me over to go through her sewing supplies & see if I wanted to take anything. Score!

I think they are gorgeous. I also got a lot more thread from her that is older, but not on wooden spools. Do any of you sew with old thread? I wouldn't think anything of it but I've heard that older thread can break easily. Is this true?

Also, the adorable Maggie of Gussy has been so nice to interview me for her Friday Featured Artist series. Go check it out & enter the giveaway to win a La La Love You Poster & a Home Sweet Home poster in your choice of colors. :)


E J said...

I just saw this idea on Craftzine that I think would be a perfect way to showcase your vintage thread:

Heather said...

Lucky You!

i occasionally sew with old thread. you just have to test it, some of it is weak and breaks a lot! Others are stronger (like the silk ones).

Gussy said...

your blog is so darling -- i love it! :] thank you again for the feature & giveaway, too!

Madam b.Fly said...

I have a ton of my Grandmother's old thread, and honestly, most of it is alright. Tug on a strand before you thread up with it, and if it breaks super easy, toss it (dry rot). Otherwise, take advantage of those hard to find textures and colors and go wild with them!

Hope this helps!

Mish said...

The old thread tends to at times not hold up as well. I use it for embroidering or adding appliques to things. As long as its not something that really needs to hold up. I inehrited my grandmother-in-laws. It is a lot of fun to play around with though.

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