Monday, August 02, 2010

Weekend Photos

We did some more shopping this weekend. This time we were purchasing some new school clothes for Sadie. It was miserably hot out, still we hopped in the car & made our way to the mall.

First stop was Yougurtland. :)

Dad was doing something silly in the elevator.

Drive home. Through a tunnel.

We were there too. :)

It was just too hot. We should have gone swimming instead! But we did get some cute stuff for the girl. I'm pretty excited about this red striped dress from H&M. :)


chanel said...

dang. looks fun, especially since im not there feeling the heat! i might be willing to do the heat IF I had YOGURTLAND! yum!!!!

Jenny said...

My daughter and I went school shopping this weekend too. No yogurt though... looks yummy.

Jenny said...

Please do link up! I would love to have you! I can't remember how long I left that linky open, but if it's closed there will be another in the next couple of days. Be sure to follow or subscribe so you know when it goes up. Yay!

sjones said...

Where is H&M in Vegas? I tried to find it when we went there but couldn't! Is it in one of the Outlet malls?

Heather said...

I love this more than you know :)

Jenn Kirk said...

Our H&M can't open soon enough.

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