Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Weekend Photos

We took our first ever family vacation this weekend. How sad is that?! We've always traveled to visit family but have never taken a vacation with just our little family since we've had kids. So we made our way to the ocean & the beaches of Southern California. We now officially want to move there!

The girls had such a great time. One loved the sand.

The other loved the waves. Sadie had a perma smile whenever we were at the beach. That girl was in heaven. I think she could stay right there in the water forever if it was possible.

I had lots of memories of when Dylan & I were living in Vegas & would pack up & make our way to Southern California back before we had kids. We'd go for a Flaming Lips concert or just because. It was fun to go again after so many years & to share it with the girls. Everybody liked this family vacation thing & we've decided that it must be a yearly occurrence from now on. :)

Good times.


Domestically Sassy said...

I'm officially jealous of all the, weekends at the beaches. :) Looks like you had a great time!

Heather said...

your making me want to get in the car and head to the beach now!

chanel said...

very very jealous. very very.
the girls look soooo cute- what fun!!!
you're so lucky!!!

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