Monday, October 11, 2010

Product Photo Backdrop

After lots of fiddling, we've finally figured out our new printer & are working on rephotographing all the posters so that we can get them listed in the shop again.  Last week I made a new backdrop for photographing them & wanted to share with you what I did.

My dad is a builder & so he has extra building materials around.  I asked him if I could have this largish piece of particle board.  Because I would be painting the board white & our posters are printed on white paper, I thought that the texture of the particle board would be a nice contrast.  My dad also happened to have some white semi gloss paint left over from a job that he let me use.  I simply painted the board with about 3 coats of paint and that was it.

The board is sturdy, so I can lean it up against the wall outside our back door where we get the best light.  It can be stored outside on the porch or in the garage & because it's painted with semi gloss paint, it can be wiped off very easily when I need to use it again.

I put a nail in the board so that I can hang the posters from this vintage pants hanger & tape comes off of it really easily as well.  The board could also be laid flat on the ground when I need to take overhead shots of my flag garlands.  I chose white for the background because it is bright & clean looking in the photos.  I also thought that a white background would increase our odds of ending up in treasuries as I see lots of items in etsy treasuries that have white backgrounds.

Anyway, the posters end up looking like this:

Keep an eye out for all the posters to be back in the shop very soon.  We're also getting the 8.5 x 11 sizes ready as well!


quinn emery said...

oh cute! I love the bff one...

Juliane Evans said...

Nice designs! Wish you were selling the hanger too!
wall art

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