Monday, October 04, 2010

Weekend Photo

Sunday was overcast.  We  had a 20 degree drop in temperature outside.  Still in the 80's but cooler nonetheless.  I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies while listening to conference.  Not my favorite cookie, but they are Dylan's favorite.  Plus nothing says "I love you fall!" like pumpkin, am I right?

My weekend also included a girls day to Art in the Park.  Funnel cake was involved.  Funnel cake!  We were also surprised to be offered tickets to the Matador 21 show & got to go see some really amazing bands.  Yo La Tengo was really, crazy loud & it was amazing & my ears will never be the same.  I'm so glad I got to experience that show & physically feel the sound.  We also got to see Guided By Voices.  Dylan has been a huge fan of both.  He was in heaven.  Oh course, I didn't take my camera.

Hope you had a super weekend as well!


Belladonna1975 said...

I would LOOOOVE the recipe for your pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They look so warm and fluffy! I think my little girls would really like these.

(Love your Blog, BTW)


chanel said...

i made choc chip pumpkin cookies too!!! and I swear as i ate them i thought "these are dylan's favorite" and was remembering learning that at the best thanksgiving of my life in rexburg!
love ya!

Heather said...

You are loco! Pumpkin chocolate chips are definitely THE BEST! We made some too :) Funny how a little change in the weather gets us thinking of fall treats/meals.

O. said...

mmmm those cookies look delish!

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