Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Song

The Dirty Projectors + David Byrne = Awesomeness

We're having a crazy weekend. Claire was sick all night but seems to be back to normal this morning. Kids get over stuff so fast! We're hoping to go out & do some winter clothes shopping for the kids. It suddenly turned cold here & we are not prepared.

I'm trying out a coupon code in the shop this weekend.  If you're in the mood to shop this weekend, enter the code WEEKENDSALE to save 15% off your order through Sunday night!  This is a new etsy feature that I'm totally excited about.

I'll be back later with the 4 giveaway winners!

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minimonstersmum said...

Hello! Been lurking for a while and am now actually popping my commenting cherry (never commented on anyone's blog before). I found your blog recently and have really enjoyed reading back through all your posts - you are inspiring and entertaining and I love your attitude and drive. Thank you!

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