Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry & Happy

As soon as Sadie got out of school for winter break, she started coming down with something & not soon after Claire followed. Both girls were pretty miserable for days. Two sick kids at once is not fun. Not fun. The nights were rough & one look at my crazy hair in the mirror each morning summed up how crazy our nights were. Then just as soon as they started showing signs of getting better, I started getting sick. So we have been focusing very closely on getting better before Christmas. All of us! Lots of resting, lots of sleeping, lots of watching TV & reading books. Although my ears are clogged & my eyes are foggy & I feel like I'm walking around underwater, the merriment has begun.

My side of the family got together for the kids graham cracker gingerbread house decorating party.  A new tradition we started last year.  I love traditions.  Like really love them.  It was really hard for me to let go of the family traditions of my childhood, but as our family has changed so have our traditions & I am loving it.  Who's excited for the family kick ball game this year?!!

Then we finally made it out to good ol' Bass Pro Shops to see 'the real' Santa. 

Whew!  Now Santa knows what they want for Christmas so we're covered there.  And thanks to Claritin D, mama may just be able to get through this!


nima said...

Have a happy holidays...and blessed christmas

Amber said...

cant wait for the kickball game since we missed it last year. and we love the santa at bass pro shops. i am hoping you feel better for christmas.

rose said...

Family kickball is the best! and I love the graham cracker gingerbread house idea. Hope you're all feeling better now.
Merry Christmas!

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