Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2010 Sewing

2010 was a great year for sewing.  Let's take a look at what resulted from hours at the sewing machine:


I figured out the proportions of my current flag garlands in both the triangle flag & the scalloped varieties.  I also made a picnic blanket.


I guess that there wasn't any sewing in February, but in March I made sundresses for the girls, bunny softies for Easter & an oilcloth lunch bag for the Mister.


Continued making embroidered animal softies in April & I created a tiger & a moustached bear.  I also made a sewing machine cover & re-purposed some adult t-shirts into nightgowns for the kids.


In May I was able to make a cute picnic dress for Claire & I finished the custom king sized happy quilt for a client.


Three tiered skirts for both Sadie & I in June.  Plus a gorgeous vintage sheeting blanket & lots of flag garlands.


July saw another sundress for Sadie & a monochromatic scalloped garland.


August was pretty awesome.  Seems I was all about using my vintage sheeting linens for burp cloths & a cool pillow.


Was this my favorite vintage sheeting quilt ever?  Perhaps.  I also loooove this texture quilted pillow.


Our first family themed Halloween costumes.  Definitely glad that I made our costumes again this year.


I put Mr. Bearington on a little tote bag.


I finally made my kids an advent calendar, which they really loved all month & I made baby rattles for Christmas gifts.

Whew!  I really love to look back over the previous year to see all that I was able to make with the help of my scissors & sewing machine.  I love filling my home & life with things I've created & making a living selling my handmade goods is really a dream.  Thanks for indulging me with a look back.  Makes me excited to see what will be sewn next year.  :)


Our Busy Little Bunch said...

So fun to look back over the year, hey? And I'm still impressed with those halloween outfits!

Lyndsey said...

So many fun patterns! So many cute results! Love it!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

You had a great sewing year! Nicely done, love all of your creations.

Marty J. Christopher said...

All of that amazes me! It's not just that you can sew, either, because a lot of people can sew. It's also that you have such a great eye for color and arranging patterns. I'm so jealous. My husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I'm so excited to get started. Hopefully one day I can make outfits as beautiful as yours for my own kids. : O )

Bek said...

i love this post so much (i tune into you blog almost daily cause i just love it!) and it has inspired me to keep a monthly record of all my crafting achievements on my blog so that at the end of 2011 i will be able to look back at all the amazing things i have accomplished! Great work, you are just so talented!

CourtneysMommy said...

sent from V and Co. You are AMAZING at sewing. so talented. love everything you make. :)

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