Wednesday, February 09, 2011


The new camera arrived yesterday & I am feeling more complete.  Yes.  Life just feels like something is missing when I don't have a camera.  I am loving this 75-300 mm lens, although it looks like I'll need to snap the 18-55 mm back on for product photos.  It's all so good & exciting.

In the past year we have had to replace our computer, printer, sewing machine & camera.  All of the big tools needed to keep Sparkle Power (the shop) running.  At least we don't have to worry about them all breaking down for a while.

Yes, I love technology
Always and forever.



Chris said...

...but not as much as you, you see! Congrats on the new pic taker. :)

Emily S. said...

It's funny that you mentioned the Kipp quote - my hubby and I were joking around with that last night. I'm jealous of your 75-300mm lens! I bet it's amazing!

@in said...

Canon the best!

Chickything said...

Your print is on my wall ( Got it from last year. Maybe you want to see.
I love it!

Nesha said...

Congrats on the new camera! I get mine next week :).

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