Monday, March 14, 2011


Last night after family dinner, Claire was invited the spend the night over at one of my sister's house with a few of her other preschool aged cousins.  Claire of course thinks that a "feepover" is totally exciting & began running around the front yard yelling, "I'm having a feepover!!"

Upon hearing this news, Sadie became very excited, assuming that she would be included in the sleepover as well.  I quickly informed her, that she wasn't going because she needed to get to school in the morning.  Immediately the wailing began.  Very dramatic crying & carrying on.  This was like the worst news in the world for her.

We got Claire ready & sent her off.  Then I ran a bath for Sadie & started getting her ready for bed.  She cried during her bath alone & continued to sob & complain about how much she missed her sister for the rest of the night.  After getting her pajamas on, we told her that she could hang out with just mom & dad & it would be totally fun, but I found her on her bed, buried under blankets crying....still.

She walked around staring at a photo of her with her sister & I even found this little crumbled up piece of paper that she'd written a little note on:

It says, "I love you Claire Bare (Claire Bear) so much."

The girl finally calmed down & we played wii together for a bit.  It had been about an hour & a half since Claire left & I received a phone call from my sister.  Claire was feeling sad.  She wanted to come back home.  Sadie perked right up when she heard this news.  So we hopped in the car together & went to pick up Claire.

As we pulled into the driveway at my sister's house Sadie said,

"I hope there's not drama!!
 Drama means crying."

My response: "Oh!  Like you've been doing for the last hour!"

I just had to laugh.  She's a nut!  Dylan & I talked about it as we were going to bed & all I could think about was how difficult she'd going to be as a teenager.  Still it was cute that she missed her sister so.  She's not used to being the one that gets left behind.  In fact, I don't think it's ever happened before.

Oh, the drama!


Erin L said...

Cute girls! I keep hoping Ana is getting all her drama out now so that by the time she's a teenager its out of her system. One can hope right?

chanel said...

whatever!!! that is the BEST drama ever! HOW PRECIOUS!!!! SEE HOW IMPORTANT SISTERS ARE??? Ive been crying about not having a sister for 32 years- take that! That is why YOU are sooooo important to me- you fill that claire bare spot for me too!
And just a heads up, I'll be crying like that for DAYS- WEEKS when my girls leave for college. Talk about drama! ;)

Bree said...

Erin, I have an Ana who is all drama as well! Maybe it's the name... This totally sounds like a scenario that could play itself out at my house as well.

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