Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oneword Designs Winner

Congratulations are in order for Miss Mandi. You are the winner of the art prints from Oneword Designs! Yay! Happy day!

**BONUS**  Oneword Designs is offering a discount code for Sparkle Power readers.  Just enter the coupon code GRANDOPENING (no spaces) to receive 15% off your total purchase!  Thanks, Oneword Designs!  :)


Mandi said...

Yeah I won!!! So glad i did. I am Happy as you already know. But i just wanted to say Thanks and can't wait for my prints. :)

Lauren said...

Yay Mandi!

The Smith Family said...

Oh goodness Candace...I think you put that picture of the "framed peacock" on your post about the discount just to tempt me...that's my favorite thing in her shop! :) Hope you are doing well and feeling GREAT!


mamafabun said...

Well, I ordered some prints anyway. =)

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