Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogger's Block

Yep, I've got it.

Summer will be here soon.  Feels like it already is, but we still have a few more weeks of school left.

I'm struggling with this overwhelming urge to organize every closet space & purge the unnecessary.

I'm also struggling with this overwhelming lack of energy.  Sometimes a nice cold soda fountain drink from the convenience store helps with this.  Slurpees seem to do the trick too.

I'm also feeling the need to be super productive with shop work to continue bringing money in before I have a newborn & just want to take a break.

The good news is that tomorrow Dylan & I are going on a little staycation on our own for our anniversary.  I guess the timing could not be any better.  Hopefully I come back rested & with more energy to be a better blogger.  :)


New Duds said...

Just break it down into teeny tiny tasks. I list them too so I can feel good about checking them off. I have those same bins for my fabric storage too!! Have a great anniversary!

Tania said...

I had the same nesting/organizing urge before I had my third too. I guess it's natures way of getting stuff done, as the first few months you only have time for the bare minimum. Enjoy your time away :)

Hambergoosa said...

I love reading your stuff as well as listening to your husbands playlists. I think you're blog was one of the intros to the blogging world! Congrats on the little babe, We're currently trying for the second. Enjoy your vacation with each other.

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