Monday, May 02, 2011


I spent the last half of last week in Utah with my sisters & my mom.  We went to attend BYU Women's Conference.  It was super fun & super uplifting & super tiring on my pregnant body.  Today I have to begin a new week feeling behind & sluggish. 

So I started the day off with some chocolate.  Why not? 

The chocolate that I bought as a gift for Dylan.  A thank you for watching the kids & keeping the house running while I was away.  I can't be trusted with food & treats around.  He knows that.

It's good to be back home with my crew.  We have an exciting week ahead of us.  Soon we'll know the gender of our new baby!  Any guesses?

I have no idea if there is a little girl or a little boy inside me.  People keep asking me if I know.  But I don't have an ultrasound machine, so I don't know.  I know that some women claim to just know the gender of the baby they are carrying.  Personally, I think it's purely a guess & they have a 50% chance of it being correct.

I haven't received any divine visions or dreams the reveal the gender of my new baby.  I daydream about it being a boy & I daydream about it being a girl.  I will be so thrilled with either.  A boy would be cool.  And I looooove girls.  I would not be sad to have a family of all daughters.  I'm just anxious to see that the baby is healthy & doing well.

For the record, Dylan has no preference on the gender either.  Neither does Sadie.  Claire wants a sister.  As she says, "Not a brudder!"  She did have a couple weeks where she said a boy would be okay.  But now she's back to only wanting a girl.  :)

For the record as well, I see how fat my face is in the above photo & now I am totally appreciating my pre pregnancy body which I didn't at all appreciate at the time.  Women are so totally annoying when it comes to body issues.


A. said...

A) Not fat.
B) So glad you had a good time.

You rock!

chanel said...

you're so lucky to go to women's conference, especially with all the COOLIO women in you family! Im calling you RIGHT NOW to hear about it. and guess what- IKEA is opening July 27 in Denver YO! I'll get ya some chokolate then, cause whatever your face is not fat- but i'll do my damndest to get you plumped up, its awesome. i remember when i was preg with jules you told me my face was fat. awwww, best friends. ok- go answer your phone...

Marty said...

I agree that we're too hard on ourselves! You're lovely! :)

I am guessing you're having a boy! Do you have any names ready, or it a struggle to find one each time? I kind of experienced both with all mine, if that makes sense! ;P

Congrats on the baby, and many prayers for you, that you may continue to have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Candace said...

Thanks girls. Being pregnant really is the best excuse to be plump!

I have a boy & a girl name already picked out. I think because there are more years between my kids, I've had more time to think about it. :)

Jenn said...

not to mention, IKEA's hazelnut chocolate bars are too good to pass up!

Natalia said...

I was convinced I was having a boy. Every time I have a dream about the baby, the baby is always a boy. 2 ultrasounds later and we've been told twice that it is definitely a girl. I keep telling the baby that if it turns out to actually be a boy, I'm going to make him wear girly clothes and sleep in pink damask bedding bc he had the opportunity to show me he was a boy and decided to hide.

Bee Wing said...

I saw you at Women's Conference! But when I realized it was you it was to late to say hello. You're like a celebrity in my book so I was super excited! I'm glad you had fun.

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