Thursday, June 16, 2011

Confessions At 26 Weeks

*  Stairs knock the wind out of me & I struggle with the last few steps.  I feel so out of shape & so weak.

* I crave carbs a lot.  This could be the reason for my growing thighs & back fat.

* I love my naked pregnant body.  It all makes more sense.  When clothed, lumps appear here & there around waistbands & such and I'm much more critical of myself.

* My wardrobe is very unexciting.  I'm all about comfort & staying cool this summer.  I may look homely.  I'm okay with this.  I don't have the energy or money to invest in a whole new look for the next 3 months.

* This baby moves so much.  I don't know if he likes swimming in there or if he's just completely wild.  I think we decided that he just already wants to rock n roll.

One of my dearest friends, Maria, made me this adorable baby swaddler.  It arrived in my mail box just one day after we found out we are having a little boy.  It is the first gift that I received for this baby.  How special is that?!  :)

I love it!  I can't wait to see what the baby will look like in it.  I am big on swaddling.  I think most babies really love the feel of being swaddled & this will make it so easy.  Thank you, Maria!

Maria used the pattern in Simple Sewing for Baby to make this swaddler.


Amber Liddle said...

So exciting! I know you feel weak and out of shape, but ohhh, the baby inside is so worth it :) I never understood designer maternity wear that cost so much since you only wear it such a short time. I did a lot of smocked tank dresses in the summer, they were cool and comfy and didn't "fit" so there were less bumps and lumps!

Kat said...

What a cool present idea! My sister in law just had a little boy last night. He was 8 pound 10. I knitted him a little monkey.

CollegeCurl13 said...

What a cool, cute little swaddle!!!
I'm having a giveaway at 12:01PM
check out my features in the meantime ;)

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