Thursday, July 21, 2011

Claire's Haircut

Oh my goodness, it has been so difficult to post lately.  Summer is keeping me busy! 

Last weekend when I was getting my haircut (from my sister-in-law), Claire decided to get hers cut too.  Short.  She's been talking about a short haircut for a few weeks & so when my sister-in-law asked if she'd like her's cut, Claire responded with a definite, "Yes!".  There was no hesitation & this girl has been happy as can be with herself ever since. 

We love the new 'do on her.  My daughters are complete opposites in every way.  Older sister wants to grow her hair to the ground & this one wants it short.  I love that they have their own personalities.

Claire's short cut looks super cute with a headband.  So more headbands are now on my crafty to-do list.  :)


chanel said...

way cute!!!!

hey my ma just brought home a box for you!! i gotta get you 2 hooked up so you can get your goodies!!!! :)

Lia said...

A definite "yes" from me too. So cute!

Kreatita said...

It's very beautiful and cute!

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