Friday, July 01, 2011

Grocery Bag Dispensers

I've added a few cute grocery bag dispensers made from colorful vintage sheeting fabrics to the shop today.  They make me smile, plus they are useful.  So that's good.  Even though I put in a really good effort to use reuseable shopping bags, I still seem to end up with plastic bags floating around & I use them to empty our small wastebaskets & such.  So it's nice to have a cute & handy little dispenser like these to keep them organized.

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New Duds said...

these are so cute! I have been meaning to make one of these myself for so long. I have been just tossing our plastic bags on a top shelf in a closet then quickly shutting the door before they come tumbling back out again. This will be much better:) Thanks for the creative motivation, I love the vintage sheeting fabric you used! ;)

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