Thursday, July 28, 2011


The girls little ballet class has ended & they started gymnastics a few weeks ago.  No big deal really, just an inexpensive class at our rec center.  It's something fun for them to do once a week.  Claire really, really loves it.  It is fun for her & she's pretty adorable to watch.

Sadie on the other hand has had some stress when it comes to gymnastics class because she started off not knowing how to do a cartwheel.  She would make excuses about why she couldn't go to class.  "My shorts got a hole in them, Mom.  I just won't go today." 

Even after we'd explain to her that it was all for fun, that the reason why she was going was to learn new things like how to do a cartwheel & that she was one of the youngest in the class and the other kids have had more time to learn these things, she'd still show signs of anxiety.  Well, yesterday she was brave & went happily to class & not too long after starting, we could see in her facial expressions that she was having a great time & that she was feeling proud of herself.  She was doing an awesome job at everything!  Cartwheels, back bends, round offs.  I felt so proud of her.

It makes me sad how early this feeling of not being good enough shows up in kids.  Almost just as soon as they are exposed to peers.

Anyway, the girls have had fun experiencing these new classes.  They want to do karate next.  :)


Erin L said...

I know what you mean about the "not good enough" thing. Ana gets so frustrated that her drawings aren't good enough or that something doesn't turn out quite the way she wanted. I never know quite how to handle it.

The Hunter's Prize said...

I have my three year old in gymnastics and I love watching him! He's still very distracted but he's getting better and can flip off of everything.

Sad how quickly children learn that to compare each other!

Lia said...

Oh yes, the "it's windy outside so we should skip ballet", kind of excuses. I'm glad she stuck it out and is having fun. My oldest took kung fu and loved it!

MommaWard said...

I get sad about that comparison thinking too. I want them to keep on trying and experiencing without regard to the potential opinions of their peers. I wish they could live life like those opinions don't matter or hold any power over them. I can't change the world for them, but we can work together to change it for the next "little kid". My little ones and I chat about how we can stand up for others and how, from personal experience, we know that our words and treatment of others is powerful.

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