Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lost Tooth

It's been a while since Sadie last lost a tooth.  She's had a wiggly one for a while, but on Friday it suddenly got a whole lot more wiggly & loose.  That girl worked that thing all day long.  I'd see her checking in the mirror quite often to see just how loose it was getting.  She really wanted the perks of getting that thing out!

When Dylan came home from work he insisted on doing his daddy duty of yanking it out with floss.  This was amazing to me because loose teeth give him an extreme case of the gross outs.  (Yep, Sadie is totally wearing a witch costume.)

Well, the tooth came out & we were able to make use of the tooth fairy pillow once again.  It stays on her bed all the time waiting to be used.  The tooth fairy left a few dollars & some candy.  The tooth fairy left me candy when I was a little girl too.  I'm realizing now that that may be a little strange & that not all kids get candy from the tooth fairy.  Perhaps she did it so that we could have something to share with our siblings?  Oh well, somehow the tradition continues for my kids.  :)

And, I can't resist the cuteness of a smile with a missing tooth gap.  :)

Since my mind has been on this childhood right of passage, I've added a few more cute little tooth fairy pillows to the shop.


chanel said...

so cute! and i love that now that ive been to your pad i can picture the scenes going on. i usually get so fed up with the wiggling and whining that i have pulled a few out myself but it takes a TON of courage and determination cause it is totally ewwwwie. yay for dylan.

love your tooth pillows too!

Rebeccarama said...

I love your pictures! I have been following your blog for while and I can't believe how old your daughter looks! She is very pretty and her glasses are CUTE. Much cuter than mine were at her age.

Sean Butcher said...

She's a pretty girl! Parents just can't resist the cuteness of their children's smiles after losing a tooth. Some people probably wonder why they're cuter like that! Haha! Did you make those tooth pillows? They're really nice. Which of those is Sadie's?

Sean Butcher

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