Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School

First day of second grade.
She laid her outfit out the night before.
Colorful tights & sparkly shoes.
She was up early feeling excited & happy.
Wanted her hair curled & in a pony tail.
Hot, hot, hot!
I think it's going to take an hour for me to cool off after that drop off.
I cried a little behind my sunglasses.


Stephanie said...

Aww What a cutie! I still cry a little every year - and my daughter is going to be a freshman! She has tried on her first day of school outfit at least 4 times now!! She is so ready - but here in Mi we don't start until after Labor day! Oh p.s. I LOVE the scooby doo lunch box! That is my all time favorite cartoon!!

amanda said...

She is toooo cute! I want that outfit. Like for me.

Misty said...

Piper has that same lunchbox. She starts kindergarten next Tuesday.

Jacy said...

Awww she is so stinkin' cute!!

Kimberly said...

Love her style!! She is getting so old!

Abigail Bukai said...
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