Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Burp Cloths With Bound Edges

I just love burp cloths.  They are so wonderful to have around the house & in your diaper bag.  I love that they are there just ready to clean up all the spit up messes & baby drool.  A stack of fresh new burp cloths just makes me happy.

I also love the look of quilt binding.  I think it gives a quilt such a nice finished look.  So with fabrics that I had on hand, I made up these burp cloths with a white flannel backing  & a patterned fabric front.  Then I did a quick binding around the edge in a contrasting fabric.  

I love them.  And I just love making something super useful & good looking from materials that I already have around.  

This is the same sort of binding method that I used, but instead of hand stitching the back side (which I usually do on quilts...looks so amazing!) I just pinned it back & machine stitched.  I told you it was a "quick binding"!

Now my only problem is that I need way more than 3 burp cloths.  :)


Lia said...

Totally off the topic of burp cloths and binding but..

I read your blog often and I just want to say that even thought I don't know you at all I think you are a really nice, genuine person. In addition to that I like your style and you seem like an awesome mom.

There, now that I've said what was really on my mind, I like your cool burp cloths.

Michelle said...

I was just catching up on your blog. Your shower was so cute and fun. Great to see you. I will be watching for some baby news coming soon. I can't believe you are already dilated that much. The wait is almost over!

Anonymous said...

Love the color combos - very cute!

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