Thursday, August 11, 2011

Diaper & Wipes Holder

I'm just about a month out from having this baby & I'm feeling anxious about completing everything on my 'to-do before baby arrives' list.  My focus has been on producing as much product as I can for the shop before I naturally take a bit of a break from it when the baby is born.  With back to school shopping & new baby items, I feel the need to make the most of the little bit of time I have left to make money.  And because of my efforts, the shop has been doing well.  Which makes me feel really great.

Still there's something pulling me to want to make cute little things for my baby.  Like if I don't do it now, I'll miss this opportunity to make, make, make in anticipation of my new little soft bundle of love that will be here in no time.  In no time!

So even though I sold out of all of the Vintage Mix Cloth Napkins in the shop, instead of working on a new batch, I sewed up a little diaper & wipes holder.  I was tired last night & it was a quick, easy project.  I went to bed feeling satisfied that I had sewn something cute + useful for myself.

I loved these diaper keepers that Anna of Noodlehead made recently, so I also used Diary of a Quilter's tutorial.  It was so easy to make & will definitely come in handy in keeping diapers from getting all mangled in my bag.  They'll be all neat & in their place & ready to be quickly grabbed when needed.  I think that I need at least one more of these, just to assure that I have one available for whatever bag I want to carry.

Speaking of bags...Look how nicely the holder coordinates with my diaper bag.  By the way, I won this Skip Hop diaper bag in a blog giveaway some months ago.  I love blog giveaways.  My theory is that you can't win if you don't enter & so I take a few seconds to enter every blog giveaway I come across that I'd like to win.  Why not enter, right?  You never know!  In the end I've won quite a few awesome prizes from giveaways on blogs. 

Speaking of giveaways...I am giving away a La La Love You Print in the color of the winners choice over on the Sparkle Power Facebook page right now.  Want to enter?  Just head over there & look for the giveaway post.  Simply tell me what color combination is inspiring you these days & you're entered!  I draw a winner tomorrow, so hurry!

Anyway, I'm happy with my little completed project.  I'm telling myself to relax & work in whatever direction I'm moved to.  Whatever gets done gets done, right?  :)


chris said...

There is something really satisfying about making at least a few things for your new baby...I think the diaper caddy is awesome.

The Smith Family said...

I love my diaper and wipes holder...both of my girls are out of diapers and pull-ups now, but I still use it and it really comes in handy at the pool or whhen we are out and about and I need to wipe them down...I even keep an extra pair of panties in it for my 3 year old. Can't wait to see pictures of your sweet baby boy and I love all of the new stuff you've been adding to your shop lately. :)


ellen said...

I love that fabric -- where is it from? I'd love to know: Thank you!

Anna said...

love this candace! you'll be so happy you have it when your new little one arrives. great diaper bag too!

Nan said...

That diaper bag looks awesome! I need a new one, the two I had have been through the ringer, to say the least! I think I'm having a shower thrown for me but it is SO hard not to just buy everything for myself :) I'm busy sewing burp cloths for I don't spend any $$ :)

Amy @MoMomma said...

Adorable Diaper/Wipe holder. I like how you coordinated with the bag! I use an oversized purse as my diaper bag, this would be a great idea! Found you via WhipperBerry! Love your blog and following via GFC

andrea said...

I love skip hop bags! Good for you that you won! Love the case too, it matches perfectly!

Karen said...

So adorable! Love the Diaper wipes holder. So exciting about your baby! Congrats:)

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