Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Esty Shop Stats

Okay my fellow etsy sellers.  Are you as obsessed with the new Shop Stats feature as I am? 

I'm really loving it.  It's hard for me to not check it at least once a day.

The monthly view is my favorite way to track all my stats.  Above is a shot of my shop stats from last month.  I blurred out my total revenue, but everything else is there.  :)

It shows you how many views, favorites & orders your shop has received during that calendar month as well as the revenue you've earned.  All through the month of July, I would check to see how my monthly revenue was measuring up to the previous month.  I had hoped to at least meet the previous months sales, but really wanted to exceed them.  When the month was over, I was happy to see that I had exceeded June sales by $140!  And I know that the shop stats was totally a motivating factor for that.

The graph part shows you the dollar amount of sales per day, which can be either really exciting or really depressing.  :)  And now they've just added the cute little pink triangles at the bottom of the graph that show you how many new listings you added on that particular day.

The shop stats page also shows you the top traffic sources for your shop as well as the top keywords that people are searching to get to your shop.

Overall it is a great tool for etsy sellers & like I mentioned before a great motivator.  :)  Are any of you using it as a motivator to keep up your productivity & listings?


raggygirlvintage said...

I hadn't even noticed, how bad is that!! Fascinating though, esp the sources and keywords, will help with new listings:-)

Lynne said...

Love it! I hadn't seen it yet...thanks for the info!

Tasha Early said...

I AM loving it. It's sort of depressing to see your stats, though. Amazing!

Candace said...

Tasha! Don't be depressed. We've been working at it for 4-1/2 years! Our stats didn't always look like this.

Amber Liddle said...

I hadn't noticed it either (glad I'm not the only one!) I really like that it shows where the people are coming from--I found a blog that has me linked up that I had no idea about!

Rebeccarama said...

This is really cool, I also get motivated by the activity button where I see everybody that has favorited me. Thanks!

kate said...

I hadn't noticed this option either! I have been addicted to google analytics for over a year now so it's nice to switch up my data love for another site now and then.

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